Instructions for Authors


1) The title page of the manuscript should contain the following information: (For authors who do not know Turkish, the Editor or Editorial Board can translate their English title of the manuscript into Turkish.)

Title of the manuscript,

Author’s name and institutional affiliation,

Address, phone and fax numbers as well as email address of the person to whom correspondence should be addressed, and


2) Titles and subtitles should be short. An example of these follows. 

1. Introduction

2. Literature Review and Development Hypothesis

3. Research Methodology

3.1. Sample Selection and Data Collection

3.2. Variables

3.3. Method

4. Findings and Discussion

5. Conclusion


3) The abstract (of no more than 150 words) should appear on the first page of the text. The abstract should be followed by keywords and up to four JEL classification codes ( For authors who do not know Turkish, the Editor or Editorial Board can translate their English abstract into Turkish.

4) The abstract should contain the following information:

Problem under investigation

Participants or subjects

Study method


Conclusions and the implications or applications

5) Single-authored papers should use the singular pronoun “I” not “we”.

6) The manuscript should not exceed 30 pages. Manuscripts should be single-spaced. All pages should be numbered consecutively. The font size of the manuscript should be 12 (typewritten using Times New Roman font only).

Paragraph/line spacing: After:12 nk, Before: 0 nk.  

Page margine: Top 4 cm, Bottom 4 cm, Left 3,5 cm, Right 3,5 cm. Header 1,6 cm, Footer 1,25 cm. 

7) Displayed formulae should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript as (1), (2) etc. against the right-hand margin of the page.


Tables should be self-contained and complement, but not duplicate, information contained in the text. Number tables consecutively in the text as follows: Table 1:, Table 2:

Legends should be concise but comprehensive – the table, legend and footnotes must be understandable without reference to the text.

All illustrations (line drawings and photographs) are classified as figures. Figures should be cited in consecutive order in the text, numbered with Arabic numerals (Figure 1:, Figure 2:), presented below, and supplied on separate pages.

The journal does not print in color, so please provide images in black and white only, or ensure that the figure can still be understood if converted to black and white.


The journal policy mandates the use of the APA Style defined by this referencing guide.

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.