Author Guidelines


Manuscript submission

You need tor register or sign up the to submit manuscript to the Current Research in Social Sciences. Please register to as an author to the journal. After registration, login to the journal at The author who submits the manuscripts to the journal is responsible for the article during the evaluation process. Before submitting the manuscript, it should be ensured that all authors have authorship responsibilities and have read and approved the submitted manuscript. All authors in the article should have e-mail addresses and ORCID numbers registered in the journal system.
All the studies submitted to the journal are accepted in the Microsoft Word format because of its positive effect on the editing and publishing processes of the articles. There is no specific template used by the journal. All written and visual contents/materials in the manuscript should be presented in accordance with the principles of manuscript preparation. Tables, figures and other visual materials should be indicated in the relevant place in the text, but these materials should be added to the main text after the reference section. Please contact the editor in case of a problem that may be encountered dimension for manuscript files.

Accepted file formats

Manuscripts should be submitted in .doc or .docx format using Microsoft Office Word program.
Visual materials used in the text should be presented in the desired place in the main text.
The resolution of the photos and pictures should not be less than 300 dpi. If the editor deems them necessary, relevant materials should be uploaded to the journal in .PNG, JPEG or .TIFF format.

Types of manuscripts
Original articles: All manuscripts that have the potential to provide new scientific information are evaluated in the journal considering their quality and impact.
Reviews: These manuscripts provide the latest progress and updates in the relevant field. The submitted reviews must comply with the PRISMA guidelines.

Manuscript preparation
You can submit your manuscript prepared according to the journal's writing rules to the system as stated below.

1. Cover letter: A document explaining why the article is important to the journal and its readers.
2. Front matter: The document containing the title of the article, the names of the author and institution, corresponding author(s) and orcid numbers.
3. Full-text file: The document containing the abstract (both in English and Turkish), keywords (both in English and Turkish), all sections of the main text and bibliography.
4. Copyright form: Document signed by all authors.
5. Similarity report: A report from a well-known similarity program.
6. Back-matter: A document containing acknowledgment, conflict of interest, competing interests, author contribution and similar information.
7. Ethics committee approval: Document received for the continuation of the work. If not required, text / explanation why it is not needed should be included.

Reviewer suggestion
Please suggest three (3) reviewers with appropriate expertise to review the manuscript. Editors may not necessarily refer to the proposed reviewers. Author(s) should not have co-authorship in any publication in the last 3 years with the proposed reviewers. Proposed reviewers should not work in the same institution with any of the article authors. Please provide the name-surname, institution and e-mail addresses of the proposed reviewers required for the system.

Conference papers
Current Research in Social Science accepts the submission of the expanded versions of the studies previously presented at conferences to the original study (research article), provided that the following conditions are required:

1. The study should be expanded as a original research (research article).
2. Authors should explain in the cover letter which conference it was presented before and which topics and parameters were added in the extended version.
3. The conference paper should be mentioned on the first page for information purposes.
4. If requested by the editor, the conference paper should be sent to the journal.


Prepare the manuscripts submitted to Current Research in Social Sciences (ISSN: 2149-1488) within the framework of the 'Article Writing Rules'. The works submitted to the journal are under the control of the content editor before the manuscript evaluation process, and the studies that do not comply with the spelling rules of the journal will not be able to start the academic evaluation process.