Aim & Scope

Vizetek Publishing Industry and Trade. LLC. The Educational Science and Research Journal (EBAD), which operates within the body, is a national refereed journal and is published twice a year. EBAD includes quantitative and qualitative studies, meta-analysis studies that comprehensively evaluate the literature, model proposals and similar original articles, especially on all fields of educational sciences and other fields of social sciences. In addition, priority is given to current research using advanced research/statistics methods and techniques. In addition to the competencies of the studies in terms of methodology, their original and new contributions to the field are also the main publication criteria.
In line with this general purpose, EBAD aims to be a qualified source of information for researchers who produce information by publishing qualified research results related to education and other social sciences, and for practitioners who use the information produced.

Acceptance of publications in Turkish and English from the fields of Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Educational Sciences, Fine Arts Education, Mathematics and Science Education, Special Education, Basic Education, Turkish and Social Sciences Education, Foreign Language Education, Physical Education and all social and human sciences. is doing.

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