Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

This guidelines is aimed to provide for authors/reviewers/editors the El-Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering (ECJSE) publication ethics and malpractice statements. ECJSE has been strictly applied these rules from when it was founded and applied principles such as honesty, novelty of all research outputs, and respect the all people involved the research. Beside the general introduction before going into details, if anyone who does not think these principles are not applied correctly, please contact to editor-in-chief or editorial board member with your concern and one of the editor will contact you shortly to help your concern based on principles written here. All detail of principles are below:

Editorial Board:
El-Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering (ECJSE) has editorial and advisory board in its web page and all members from editorial board come from different diciplines and are experts in their fields. All the member names and affiliations are also shared in the web page along with contact information of editor in chief to be contacted if needed.

Authors and Authors Responsibilities:
The submitted work must not have neither been published nor under consideretion in any other journal/conference or academic publication at the same time. Before submission, ECJSE is required to submit a academic honesty form to be sure that submitted work fits into that statement.
If any of the authors want to cite puslished work in the literature, than they should take APA6 editorial guidelines into consideration. Authors also are responsible for providing clear reference list that have cited in the manucript.
If any of the authors have a conflict of interest, they need to let editorial board know the issue before submissions.If there is any financial support from any organization even though ECJSE is free of charges, that has be clearly stated before submission.

Peer-review Process:
Contents of ECJSE are stated in its web page and if your submitted works fits into these contents than peer-review process begins. Peer-review process is than continue with finding the experts in the submitted work to be able to be evaluated effectively.
Referees complete all reviewer process within confidentiality. If referees think that submitted work requires any conflict of interest, they have right even though they started to evaluation and let editorial board know about the status.
Referees can evaluate submitted work for only based on quality, ECJSE is not allowed any biased comments (gender, politics, religious background and nationatliy). ECJSE is also not allowed any comments that include unpolite manner when making assesments.
Referees should obey the rule related to complete review process on time. If some issues are happenned that causes the delay on evaluations than contact editorial board for that issue.

Publication Ethics:
If the submitted work required raw data to complete evaluation process succesfully, than authors need to submit the raw data to editorial board if that is asked to do so. Editorial board needs to check that whether authors have permissions to use these data and publish in public.
If in the submitted work somehow, mistakes/errors/misconduct are recognized than editorial board let authors know immediately to withdraw or correction if applied.

Copyright and Access:
ECJSE has clearly copyright policy in its web page and the copyright for all authors have been accepted to transfer for the accepted articles in the journal by automatically. After that all readers can access any articles with free of charge.

ECJSE has been archiving all journals from beginning and they can be reached to Archieve tab in ECJSE web page. Archive web page is updated as soon as new issue is completed.

Ownership and Management:
ECJSE is managed by editorial board with the lead of editor in chief and does not belong to any organizaiton/agency.

Web Site:
ECJSE web site are prepared for all readers/authors/reviewers with transparency, that means all needed information is placed on web page starting from ethical procedures to contacts information and indexing.

Publication Schedule:
ECJSE publishes three issues per year of rigorous and original contributions in the Science disciplines of Chemistry, Sciences, and Physics, and in the Engineering disciplines of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Mechatronic, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, and along with a Theme Issue on specific topic.

Name of the Journal:
ECJSE stands for El-Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering and has its unique name without causing to be confused with other journal names.