Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The El-Cezerî Journal of Science and Engineering (ECJSE) follows the guides and politics published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) for ethical rules and responsibilities of authors, journal editors, reviewers, and publishers.

The manuscripts submitted to ECJSE must be original, must have not been published elsewhere, and must not be simultaneously considered in another journal. It is the responsibility of the submitting author to ensure that the publication of the paper has been approved by all co-authors. The manuscript should not contain any statements that are contrary to the law and will result in a violation of the rights. By submitting the manuscript, all authors acknowledge that the journal does not have any responsibility for its results and interpretations of it.

Ethics approval is needed for studies on vulnerable populations, policies, confidential data, ethical business/marketing practices, clinical research on human subjects, research using animals, and retrospective subjects. Ethics committee approval should be stated together with the board name, date, and number in both the “Method” section of the manuscript as well as its last page.

All manuscripts submitted to ECJSE are first assessed by the Editor to find out their suitability for the Journal. Suitable manuscripts are then scanned by the similarity software as described in the Anti-Plagiarism Policy section of the journal website. Appropriate manuscripts are sent to at least two expert reviewers to assess the scientific level of the paper. ECJSE adopts a single-blind review system in which the reviewers’ identities remain anonymous to the authors. Manuscripts are expected to meet certain standards of scientific excellence to get published in the Journal.

ECJSE is an open-access journal publishing original research papers and review articles in both Turkish and English. The evaluation of the initial article submission is expected to take an average of three months. Authors can publish their articles in ECJSE free of charge, and readers can also access the published articles at no charge.

Declaration of Ethical Standards:

If the study does not require Ethics Approval, the following declaration can be used:

“The author(s) of this article declares that the materials and methods used in this study do not require ethical committee permission and/or legal-special permission.”

Otherwise, please declare the board name granting ethics approval, approval date, and approval number.