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Year 2020, Volume 16 , Issue 1, Pages 17 - 25 2020-06-30

The Importance of Cannabis and Its Use in Bakery Products

Fatma HAYIT [1] , Hülya GÜL [2]

In this study, the relation of cannabis with food and health was examined, and the physical, chemical, textural and sensory effects on the products were examined with the use of this product in the production of different bakery products such as bread, gluten-free bread, and pasta. With its natural ingredients, cannabis has significant positive effects on health. The antioxidant and antimicrobial properties it contains have caused cannabis to be valued as functional food. The addition of cannabis flour to bakery products increases the protein content of the final product, total phenolic substance, dietary fiber, free amino acid content, protein digestibility of the products and reduces the glycemic index. Besides these positive features, In spite of its negative effects on dough rheology and bread characteristics, cannabis flour has been determined to be a valuable resource in bread production with its fiber, mineral substance and total unsaturated fatty acids content.
Cannabis, bakery product
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Author: Fatma HAYIT (Primary Author)
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Author: Hülya GÜL
Institution: Süleyman Demirel University
Country: Turkey


Application Date : March 10, 2020
Acceptance Date : June 24, 2020
Publication Date : June 30, 2020

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