ISSN: 1305-8614
Founded: 2005
Publisher: Fevzullah TEMURTAŞ
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Electronic Letters on Science and Engineering (e-LSE) began its publication in August 2005 by publishing its first issue. The studies submitted in our journal, which is aimed to publish a minimum of two issues per year, will be evaluated with the double-blind peer review method. For more information, click here: Double-blind Peer Review Process

e-LSE aims to publish English / Turkish review articles, case reports, and developments and research in these areas, provided that the abstracts are in English and engineering. Articles should not be published anywhere else and should not be reviewed in another journal for publication. Manuscripts that have not been prepared in accordance with publication rules will not be considered(plagiarism program is used to check the similarity rate). Manuscripts should be submitted to the academic journal park online in Microsoft Word format. Click for more information, Author Guidelines

e-LSE has the LOCKSS archiving policy provided by the academic journal park system. Our journal accepts articles from all international authors. 
e-LSE ISSN: 1305-8614 is an open access journal and is accessible to all users without any institutional fees. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, scan and link to all articles without prior permission from the author and author of the journal. This is in accordance with DOAJ's open access definition.