Guide for Authors

While uploading article files to the system, different file types will appear and you will be asked to upload them. Below are descriptions of these file types.
1. Full Text Full
Text Plan

• Title
• Turkish Abstract and Keywords (must be between 150-200 words)
• English Abstract and Keywords (must be between 140-180 words)
• Introduction (problem presentation-purpose-importance-scope, limitation, etc.)
• Method
• Results
• Conclusion and Evaluation
• References
• Extended Abstract in English (The Extended Abstract should be between 700-1000 words.)

Full Text Page Structure

• Size: A4
• Margins: Left 3, bottom, top, right 2.5 cm
• Font: Cambria, 12 point
• Paragraph Properties: First 0 pt After 6 pt and Single Line spacing
• The work should not exceed 20 pages (excluding Extended Abstract)

Full Text Citation and Reference Systemi

• APA Style 6th Edition

In this regard, the guide titled "APA 6 Rules for Citing Sources, Creating Tables and Figures in Scientific Publications" prepared by the Turkish Librarians Association should be used. For Access to the Directory:

Studies submitted without being written with the reference management tools in Zotero, EndNote, Mendeley or Microsoft Word will not be evaluated. Detailed information can be obtained from the Spelling Rules page.

2. Ethics Committee Approval

• "Ethics committee approval" should be uploaded as an additional file for articles containing quantitative/qualitative field research..

* In the TR Index 2020 Criteria, "Ethics committee approval must be obtained separately for research conducted in all branches of science, including social sciences, and for studies on clinical and experimental humans and animals that require an ethics committee decision, this approval should be stated and documented in the article." It is mandatory in accordance with Art.

3. Contribution Rate and Conflict of Interest Statement Form
It is obligatory to upload the form declaring the conflict of interest between the authors or other right holders, if any, and the contribution rate to the study, in the form of an additional file.

4. Attachments

Fill in the Identity Information Form presented in the system and upload it to the "Additional File" section. Save the filename as “credentials”. Author rankings should be compatible with the order you specify in the system.

5. Images

To generate the ORCID's QR code, upload the png or .pdf file you got from to the "Images" section. Save the file name as “Your Name - orcid QR”

6. Copyright and Scientific Ethics Compliance Form

After completing and signing the Copyright Form presented at the file upload stage. Upload in pdf, .jpg, or .png format.

7. Similarity Report
Studies with a general similarity rate of more than 15% and/or a single source similarity rate of more than 3% will not be evaluated.
The iThenticate report you will upload should contain “Exclude Bibliography: ON, Exclude Quotes: OFF, Exclude Matches: OFF.


• During the pre-check phase, complete the requests of the Spelling Control Officer within 7 days at the latest and upload them to the system.
• Prepare and send the changes to be made in line with the referee's requests and demands within 15 days at the latest.
• If the changes you will make in line with the referee's requests and demands will take more than 15 days, contact the editor about this issue.


• Fill out the 'Design Control Form' prepared for the final version of your work sent to you during the editing phase and directed to you before publication.