Author Guidelines



1. The journal publishes original researches and reviews in the field of physical education and sports sciences.

2. Studies to be published in the journal; For all researchers, the entire study is written in Turkish or English.

3. In order for the works to be published in the journal, they must be accepted by the referees and the editors must approve of scientific content and form. Works that are not found suitable for publication are rejected and are not sent back to their author (s).

4. Questionnaires, tests etc. applied in screening and descriptive studies. If the reliability and validity studies of the methods are not done, the applications are not evaluated.

5. The works to be published in the journal must not have been previously published in any media, have not been granted the right to publish or have not been sent to multiple journals at the same time. The responsibility belongs to the authors.

6. Scientific incompatibility, plagiarism, etc. in all studies published in the journal. The author is responsible for the situations.

7. The study will be written in Microsoft Word program with the font "Arial" and sent to the editor from the official website of the journal in the writing format. The article, which has been approved by the editor, will be forwarded to the referees via electronic means and published in line with the decision of the referees and the department editor.

8. ABSTRACT / ABSTRACT title of the study should be written in bold and 10 font size with the first letter capital. Abstract text should be written in 9 points and 1 spacing.

9. In the study, Turkish abstract, key words, English title of the study, English Abstract and "Key Words" should be written later. Abstract / Abstract should not exceed 250 words. Keywords / Key Words maximum 5 words should be used. Key words / Key Words title should be bold and 10 points. Research text should be written in 12 points and 1.5 spacing. Turkish and English title of the research should be written in 12 font size, bold and initial letters.

10. Tables and graphics should be prepared according to the APA style. Table writing character should be written in 12 font size. If necessary, 10 points can be used. Table line spacing must be 1 spacing.

11. If the study is supported by an institution / organization or prepared from a doctoral / master's thesis, it should be placed as a footnote at the bottom of the first page with a star or number in the title.

12. Information about author names and institutions should not be given in the text. Author ranking and institutions must be made at the relevant step during application from the system. After the article has been sent to the journal for publication, none of the authors can be deleted from the list of authors without the written consent of all authors, and no names can be added as authors, and the author's order cannot be changed.

13. Study: It should be organized as Introduction, Method, Findings, Discussion and Conclusion, Acknowledgments (if necessary), References, and each section title should be bold, only the first letter should be capitalized and 12 points. Line spacing should be 1.5.

14. The study should not exceed 15 pages including figures and tables.

15. References should be made in alphabetical order according to the surnames of the authors. It is in the form of citation in the text (surname, year). Example: (Gürer, 2015)

16. Verbal interviews and notifications of unpublished works (except Master's and Doctoral Theses) should not be used as sources.

17. Resources;

For journal:

Author Name. (history). Article name. Journal name. volume (number), page.

For books:

Author Name. (Date). Book title, City: Publishing House.

If taken on the Internet:

http: // file must be given as the full web address (download date of the file).

18. No additions or subtractions can be made in the works for which publication is decided.

19. Scientific ethical and legal responsibility of the published works belongs to the author (s).