ISSN: 2149-4932
e-ISSN: 2149-9381
Founded: 2015
Period: Tri-annual
Publisher: Aydın KARAPINAR
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Important Reminders 

1. While submitting an article;
    a. You are based on the "Submit Article" button on the main page.
    b. In the article metadata, enter the required information in Turkish and English.
    c. Fill in all the information about the authors.
    d. Upload all the files (you can access the magazine template on this page).
    e. Go to the next step by making additional information (supporting institution, project number and acknowledgment if any) and referee suggestions.
    f. At the last stage, after reading the explanations and confirming your declaration, click the "Send" button to complete the submission process.

2. The text and bibliography of the article must comply with the spelling rules (APA6).

3. Similarity report must be uploaded to the system by the author / authors.

4. In accordance with the criteria announced by TR Index, Ethics Committee Permission is required for studies to be published as of 2020. It is recommended that TR Index carefully examines the explanations on this subject.

5. Our tension is issued three times a year (March-July and November). 

6. The evaluation process of the studies uploaded to the journal can take between 4-8 months.

7. Journal management can decide whether an article will be included in the evaluation process.

8. The full texts of the papers presented at the symposiums can be published in the journal. The normal article process is also used for articles in this situation.

2022 - Volume: 8 Issue: 2