Article Evaluation Process


There are eight main steps in the double-blinded peer-review process.

1- Submitting the Paper to DergiPark System: All authors should submit their papers to the official DergiPark System.

2- Initial Evaluation by the Editorial Board: The Editorial Board examines the paper in relation to the Journal’s aim and scopes.

3- Pre-evaluation of the Manuscript by Publishing Board: The Publishing Board delivers the Originality Report to the Author/s and obtains the Copyright Transfer Form.

4- Inviting the Experts for Peer Review: The Editorial Board and Field Editors invite three (3) reviewers from Scientific Advisory Board and other related expert groups.

5- The Double-Blind Peer-Review Process: At least two of three reviewer’s confirmations are required to move to the next step.

6- Delivering the Necessary Corrections/Re-Reviews: The author/s should revise the paper in accordance to the required corrections declared by the reviwers; and re-submit it to the DergiPark System.

7- The Final Evaluation of the Editorial Board: The final evaluation is done by the Editorial Board and sent to the Publishing Board, if all the requirements are completed by the authors.

8- Publishing the Paper in GRID Architecture, Planning and Design Journal.

What is double-blinded peer-review?

In the evaluation process of papers, both reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa.