Author Guidelines

  1. Articles may be written in in standard (US) English or Turkish.
  2. Word count for an article of this journal should be no less than 5000 and no more than 8000 including endnotes and bibliography. This limit includes tables, figures, captions and subtitles. A book review for this journal should be no more than 1500 words including tables, figures and captions.
  3. The similarity index should be lower than %15 (excluding the references).
  4. Authors are responsible for uploading originality reports of their articles. Acceptable plagiarism detection software are Ithenticate or Turnitin. Parts that are excludable from these analyses consist of the cover pages where the title, abstract, and identity information are written, author biographies, obligatory statements, and references. Any other content such as shorter phrases, quotations etc. can not be excluded from plagiarism analysis. Plagiarism detection for accepted articles will be re-applied on Ithenticate by the publishing board. Authors are responsible for any discrepancy in originality reports between previous analysis and final analysis.
  5. Structure of an article should be in the following order: title, abstract, keywords, main text including able(s) and figure(s) with captions, bibliography, and a short biography of the author(s). 
  6. The article should be prepared according to the given template. The uploaded file should be saved with an editable format such as doc or docx. (download link: click here)
  7. Authors should fill copyright form and send it in the submission process of article. (download link: click here)
  8. The title should be no more than 15 words.
  9. Abstract should be no more than 200 words, and compiled on a separate page in English. Articles in Turkish should also included abstracts in English. 
  10. Keywords should summarize the content of the article, and be no more than 7 words.
  11. The citation and referencing format is in APA Style. 
  12. Your papers should be prepared and submitted according to the given word format.
  13. Tables should be compiled on the main text or seperate pages following the main text.
  14. Figures should be compiled on the main text or seperate pages following the main text.  Figures should be 300 dpi for colored and grayscale images in JPEG format. The longest edge of any figure should be no more than 15 cm. The required permissions should be made available by the authors for copyrighted images, and copyright information should be indicated within the captions.
  15. A bibliography in alphabetical order should be provided at the end of the manuscript. 
  16. Biography of the author(s) should be compiled on a separate page after the bibliography, and be no more than 120 words per author.
  17. This journal uses Open Journal Systems (OJS) to manage the peer-review process. The authors should create an account for the website of the journal to submit an article or a book review. 
  18. The editorial review process lasts around 3 months, depending upon the availability of referees. Referees are selected by the editors of GRID regarding the specifications of the fields of articles. The review process for articles is double-blind.
  19. There are no submission fees for this journal.
  20. This journal is an open access journal providing online access on publication. Anybody can view, download (as PDF) and check the metrics of the articles via the website of the journal. 
  21. To submit an article for peer-review, please visit the website of the journal.
  22. Should you have any questions, please contact us at