Author's Rights

Our journal is licensed to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. Therefore, it adopts CC-BY-SA policy and according this policy accepts the manuscripts. Within this context, the author;

1- is the copyright holder.

As an author of a work, you hold the copyright provided that yo do not transfer your copyright to anyone in a signed agreement. Author grants the first publication right of the work to the journal. The work is licensed under the Creative Commons Atrribution license on condition that the author is specified and the first publication is made in this journal.

2- may grant permissions for his work to be published in other resources. 

Author may make contractual arrangements for the distrubition of the published version of his/her work in the journal without full authority. (For instance, submitting to an institutional database or publishing in a book)

3- may make sharings related to his/her work

Authors are encouraged to share their works via internet before submitting them in a journal or during the submission. ( For instance, in their institutional database or on their websites). This paves the way for both efficient exchange of views and works to get more citations.( See The Effect of Open Access )

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