Peer Review Process

For a study to be published in Journal of Business and Economics Studies (JBES), it should not have been previously published or decided to be published anywhere else. The journal has an “advisory and referee board” established with academics from different universities. The articles submitted to JBES are evaluated by two referees with a double-blind review. If a referee has a positive opinion and the other has a negative opinion, the article is sent to a third referee. In order for the article to be accepted, the two referees must submit positive opinions.

The article evaluation process takes approximately 3 months. After receiving the positive opinions of the referees, an acceptance letter signed by the editor is sent to the author(s) if such request is made by the author(s). Articles accepted for publications can be followed in the tab “Accepted articles” in the main page of the journal.

JBES has been published twice a year in March and October since 2019. There is no time period for submission. JBES accepts articles at any time. Articles are not accepted for certain volumes. The articles accepted by JBES is published by taking into consideration of the arrival date of the articles.


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