Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

Publication Ethics

The publication process in Journal of Business and Economics Studies (JBES) is based on the principle of ethical and fair distribution and development of information. Accordingly, JBES undertakes to follow the implementation guide of the Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE).

Please inform to when an unethical situation is encountered.

Plagiarism Policy

Authors should check and present the plagiarism level of paper by using iThenticate or Turnitin plagiarism check software, and JBES starts the peer-review process of article, having plagiarism level under 25% (references are excluded); otherwise, papers will be rejected.

Open Access Policy and Copyright

Journal of Business and Economics Studies adopts an Open Access policy complying with the definition laid out by the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI). Articles published in JBES are directly presented to open access without any restriction.

This Journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License. The terms and conditions of Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License apply to all published manuscripts. The authors are free to copy and redistribute their publication in any medium and format. They can remix, transform and build upon the material for any purpose without commercial purposes as long as proper reference is given.

JBES uses the LOCKSS system for archiving. The LOCKSS system is used to create a distributed archiving system between libraries and to enable libraries to create permanent archives for conservation and restoration purposes.

The authors undertake that the manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Business and Economics Studies have not been published anywhere before or have been sent to another journal for publication. Authors retain the copyright of the work and give the first publication rights to the journal. No royalty fee will be paid to the authors. All scientific, legal and ethical responsibility for the contents of all articles published in the journal belong to the authors. The articles published in the journal can be cited as long as they are referenced. The names and e-mail addresses in the website of the journal will be used only for the purposes stated in the journal and they will not be opened or shared for any other purpose or for use by other persons.


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