Author Guidelines

Manuscripts must only be submitted in English. You can prepare your manuscript according to this T E M P L A T E . Please also download the Copyright form and upload during submission after having it signed by each author.

IJARE adopts a double blind, peer review process in which two reviewers will be selected to perform an anonymous, in-dept evaluation of each submitted manuscript.

Initially, the editor and the associated editors will examine whether the submission is suitable for IJARE focus. In cases where there is conflict of interest for any of the editors, responsibility for the manuscript will be turned over to another member of the team of editors.

Two reviewers will be selected to evaluate the paper on the basis of their expertise in relation to the subject matter presented.

The reviewers will be asked to follow the journal's policy and declare any conflicts that would preclude a fair and balanced evaluation of the manuscript. Also, they will be required to treat all the information in the manuscript as confidential.

Submissions must be recommended for publication by at least two reviewers. If contrasting recommendations are received, a third reviewer will be appointed to make the final decision. Identity of the reviewers will remain anonymous.

Manuscripts will be examined based on scientific merit. Reviewers are expected to return their reviews within 4 weeks and will be asked to assign to the submitted manuscript one of the following recommendations:

- Accept without revision;

- Accept with minor revision, which does not require reconsideration by peer reviewers;

- Major revision needed, with the author required to revise and resubmit the manuscript for reconsideration by peer reviewers.

- Not suitable for publication at IJARE.

After the review process, if the manuscript is accepted with revisions, the author(s) is/are asked to revise the paper in a reasonable time. Next, the revised manuscript is either checked by the editor(s) or the relevant reviewers (if he/she asked to see the revisions). If the reviews are found adequate, the manuscript is considered for publication in the early view immediately and the next issue at the end of the year. The process from submission to publication in early view takes an average of 4 months.     

IJARE does not limit content due to page budgets or thematic significance. Rather, IJARE evaluates the scientific and research methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on the basis of the research. This approach allows readers greater access.