Author Guidelines

Please use the template presented below when you are preparing the paper which you will submit to International Journal of Energy Studies.

Paper Submission Template (Word-2016 Format)

Paper Submission Template (Word-97-03 Format)

According to the template;

1) Please write a clear Title

2) Please write the all author's names who contribute to preparation of the paper submitted.

3) Please write the all author's affiliations and ORCIDs

4) Please write the corresponding author of the paper submitted.

5) 3-5 highlights that specify specific points of the paper submitted should be written.

6) Please write how to be cited the paper submitted.

7) Please write an abstract that should not be exceeded 300 words.

8) Please specify each heading and sub-headings.

9) Please give the figures and the tables where they are cited in the paper.

10) Please acknowledge the paper If available.

11) Please write "Declaration of Ethical Standards" 

12) Please give the references properly.