Aim & Scope

Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH) journal is international, multidisciplinary and aims to produce permanent and sustainable solutions to the problems in these fields by combining innovative approaches, especially on issues such as engineering, health, environmental problems, global problems and disasters, with current scientific developments and innovative technologies such as artificial intelligent technics, virtual reality, smart factories, machine learning methodology, smart cities, industry 4.0 application.

The journal also supports entrepreneurial researches that use innovative approaches to solve problems identified in all disciplines.

Inspiring Technologies and Innovations (INOTECH), is an International Journal that publishes original research reports, review articles and Express communications in various fields of multidisciplinary research between natural and applied sciences, social sciences and other science and technology disciplines.

Period Months
June December

Our journal has started to accept publications in English and Turkish as of January 2024. Turkish publications will be accepted with English Abstracts. You can download the Full Text writing template from the Writing Rules menu.