ISSN: 2148-1148
Founded: 2013
Publisher: Uluslararası Bilim Kültür ve Spor Derneği
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As of 2023, our journal will have a plagiarism report of at most 20% and will request an ethics committee report for each publication.

Our journal has been accepted by EBSCO SPORTDiscuss Fulltext as of 03/01/2023.

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IntJSCS is a scientific peer-reviewed journal published quarterly in March, June, September and December, and publishes primarily on cultural and sports sciences.

International Journal of Sport Culture and Science (IntJSCS) is published quarterly (March, June, September, December) by the International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA) which was established in Ankara, Turkey, in 2010.

The basic aim of the journal is to carry out researches on different disciplines of social sciences, more specifically on cultural and sport studies. Through the production of scientific researches, IntJSCS hopes to contribute to the internationalization process of ISCSA. Therefore the journal accepts researches only in English language from all over the world. IntJSCS also is open to any kinds of institutional cooperation, proposals for special issues in related fields, volunteer supports, and any kinds of donations. Through a strong cooperation and wide international network, we believe that IntJSCS will be an important agent for ISCSA in the near future.

2024 - Volume: 12 Issue: 1

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IntJSCS is published by International Science Culture and Sport Association (ISCSA).