Author Guidelines

JOURNAL OF AMASYA UNIVERSITY THE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (JAUIST) is published two issues per year: June and December. The journal publishes original research articles in the field of science and technology. The language of the journal is English with Turkish abstract. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must be original and not be published anywhere (except research results presented and printed as abstract in the conference books) or not being considered for publication elsewhere. Authors are responsible for the scientific content of the published manuscript. Authors’ ORCID information must be written.

Submissions are expected to include a copy of the Research Ethics Board’s decision if necessary. Revisions in the manuscript or the order of authors are not allowed once a revised manuscript is accepted for publication. Each submitted manuscript is pre-reviewed by the journal’s editor(s) for its suitability for the JOURNAL OF AMASYA UNIVERSITY THE INSTITUTE OF SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY (JAUIST). The manuscript may be rejected before the peer review stage if it does not fit the scope of the journal. Also, the manuscript is sent back to author in case it is not well-written. Checking of manuscript by a native English speaker is recommended if it is written in English. If the manuscript is found to be suitable for peer review after the first evaluation made by the editorial office, it is sent to at least two reviewers.

Authors can not withdraw the articles during evaluation process. If necessary, during preview (approximately 5 days after submission), authors can withdraw the articles.

Manuscripts needing revision are electronically forwarded to the author(s). The author(s) should consider the reviewer's comments very carefully and explain each comment or criticisms one by one; they should also prepare a detailed explanation in case the author(s) do(es)n’t agree with the reviewer’s critics. The article is considered as a new submission, if it is not revised and returned to the editor within 30 days. The editor makes a final decision after consulted revisions and corrections made by author(s).