Writing Rules

Style and Format of Submissions

The first page of the study contains only the title of the publication, abstracts and keywords.

The second page starts with the Introduction main title.

Document format: * .docx or * .doc (Microsoft Word)

Paper Size: A4 (21 cm * 29.7 cm)

Margins: all sides 2.5 cm

Font: Times New Roman

Font Size: 10 pt

Abstracts, keywords: Times New Roman, 9 pt, italic, justified, left and right 1 cm indent, 150-250 words should be written. Abstracts should be in both Turkish and English or French.

Inter-paragraph spacing: Only the previous paragraph 6nk

Sub-paragraphs before and after headings and tables 6nk

Tables and Figures: APA6 Standard

In-text reference: APA6 Standard

Bibliography: Hanging paragraph, APA6, book, journal, conference and thesis name are written in italics.



Where is Social Studies Textbooks Going?

The title of the study should be inclusive and appropriate for the content. The initials of each word should be capitalized except the conjunctions. 12 pt and spacing should be “6nk first“. If the study has been submitted from the thesis or before the conference, a “*” sign should be written at the end of the title and the footnote should be written in 9 pt.



“Abstract” should be 12 pt and abstract text should be 9 pt.  

Abstract should include the purpose, original value, method, results and recommendations of the study clearly and briefly. Turkish and English abstracts should not exceed 250 words.

Keywords: There should be at least 3 and at most 5 keywords that reflect the integrity of the study.


Title of the Study, Introduction, Method, Findings and Comments, Discussion and Conclusion, Suggestions, Bibliography, Appendices

Times New Roman, 12 pt, Bold, 6nk before and only the first letters should be capitalized.


The research topic should contain sufficient information about its importance, problem and purpose.


Under the heading of the method, the research type, model, data collection tools and methods, validity, reliability, and, if applicable, the ethics committee approval should be explained in this section.

Findings and Comments

Findings obtained as a result of the study should be presented with tables, figures, graphics or pictures, if any, for the study problem. Tables should be positioned as much as possible without dividing them on a single page.

Discussion and Conclusion

The findings should be supported and discussed with reference to the literature. The results obtained should be included.


Recommendations should be made based on the results obtained within the scope of the study.


If any, people, institutions and organizations that contribute to the study should be thanked.


Bibliography APA 6 should be prepared in accordance with the principles of citation. In-text references and citations should be given in the language of the full text. Procedures and principles of Turkish references for the full text in Turkish, and procedures and principles of English references for the full text in Turkish should be considered.

Extended Abstract

Extended Abstract, which consists of at least 500 words in English, should be written at the end of the articles written in Turkish.


The appendices should be given on the new page after the references and the appendices numbered “Appendix 1, Appendix 2,” and includes title. 

Article Template