ISSN: 1309-047X
e-ISSN: 2619-9165
Founded: 2008
Period: Annually
Publisher: Bursa Uludağ University
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The JMR (Journal of Mosaic Research) is an international journal on mosaics, annually published by the Uludag University Mosaic Research Centre. The aim of this journal is to serve as a forum for scientific studies with critical analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of mosaics and related subjects. The main matter of the journal covers mosaics of Turkey and other mosaics related to Turkey mosaics. Besides, the journal also accommodates creative and original mosaic researches in general. Furthermore, together with articles about mosaics, the journal also includes book presentations and news about mosaics.

2021 - Issue: 14

Research Article

1. The Late Roman Mosaics from the Villa of Pont del Treball Digne, Barcelona

Research Article

3. The Eagle Symbol in the Mosaic of the Great Palace in Constantinople

Research Article

12. Reflections on Music Performance and Dancing in a Roman Mosaic Found on the Aventine

Research Article

17. Roman Mosaics of Antequera. An Overview

Research Article

18. La fleur de lotus ou Nelumbo nucifera dans les mosaïques gréco-romaines

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