e-ISSN: 2667-498X
Founded: 2018
Period: Tri-quarterly
Publisher: Merthan TUNAY
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Due to the terrible earthquake disaster we have experienced, there may be disruptions in the functioning of the Journal.

The aim of the journal is to announce the offering of national and international scientific environment and share high quality research studies, case studies and reviews conducted in the field of anesthesia, pain medicine, intensive care and surgical sciences both in Turkey and abroad; and to contribute to the development of scientific communication by establishing a continuous educational platform.Journal of Cukurova Anesthesia and Surgical Sciences (JoCASS) is published online three times a year (April, August, December). Special or supplement series may also be published where necessary. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are evaluated by independent peer reviews according to double blind peer review system. Scientifically reviewed manuscripts can be freely accessed through the internet without financial, legal and technical barriers. These manuscripts can be read, downloaded, copied, distributed, printed, scanned, linked to full texts, indexed, transferred as data to the software and used for any legal purpose. Authors and copyright owners agree that all users have free access.

The Journal of Çukurova Anesthesia and Surgical Sciences does not charge any fee for the authors.

A completely free journal for writers and readers.

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2022 - Volume: 5 Issue: 3