Aim & Scope

Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism (JOMAT) is an explicitly international and multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal founded in 2016. JOMAT aims to publish both empirically and theoretically based articles which advance and foster knowledge of tourism and research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organizational, marketing, management or environmental aspects of the subject. We are also trying to give a new perspective to tourism-related activities. The journal encourages short commentaries and rejoinders and provides a rapid turnaround of submissions. In addition to regular length submissions, the journal also welcomes extended peer-reviewed papers on a single topic that combines detailed literature reviews with substantive empirical research and policy analysis. We also welcome supplementary material in the form of video, audio, photographs and additional supplementary about data, not included in the paper. The journal publishes Main Papers, Book Reviews, Review Essays and occasional Opinion Pieces. Book reviews and Opinion Pieces are by invitation only.

Indexes and Platforms

This journal is abstracted and indexed by ULAKBIM TrDizin, CAB Abstract, Bilgindex, SOBIAD, CrossRef, Google Scholar, ASOS Index.

The Journal invites contributions related to the following subjects and their applications in tourism and hospitality: marketing management; innovations; global issues; economics; consumer behavior; organizational behavior; culture; methodology; sustainability; beverage management; planning and development; financial management; gender issues; ethics; entrepreneurship; education; and future trends. We also commission Special/Additional Issues – please contact the editors if you have a proposal for a Special Issue or Opinion Piece.

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