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Journal of Multidisciplinary Academic Tourism (JOMAT) is an international double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 2016. By publishing scientific articles on the topics covered, the journal aims to contribute to scientific knowledge and address the community by revealing many managerial and insightful benefits. It strives to contribute to theoretical and sectoral sustainable development by publishing the work of expert scientists in the field as open access and disseminating it. Valuing both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies, this journal aims to disseminate knowledge completely open access and free of charge. The journal welcomes research that examines one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organizational, marketing, management or environmental aspects of the research area it covers. Jomat publishes original research articles, literature review articles, theoretical studies, systematic reviews and research notes, etc. In this way, it aims to be a prestigious periodical by supporting the dissemination of accurate, reliable, accessible and high impact information.

The tourism industry is a very important human activity that is growing and developing every year. Tourism activities, which have positive and negative effects in many aspects such as economic, social, cultural, environmental, etc., should be examined with both a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective. In this context, JOMAT is committed to publishing scientific articles that examine the emerging realities in tourism and related fields and can be fed with the theoretical backgrounds of different disciplines. In this context, JOMAT includes (but is not limited to) studies on the following topics under the heading of tourism:
Marketing management,
Sustainable development,
Organizational behavior,
Consumer behavior,
planning, policy development,
Strategic management,
Future trends
Food industry
Tourist destination research

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