Peer review evaluation process


The author uploads his / her manuscript to the journal by taking into consideration the guideline. Each manuscript submitted is first reviewed by the technical evaluation team. At this stage, technical check, plagiarism check, crosscheck and editorial check are done. Papers that fail to meet the requirements are rejected. For papers that pass this stage, an editor is appointed. The editor first requests an opinion by assigning a method editor. After receiving the opinion of the methodology editor, the study can be rejected or the double blind peer reviewer evaluation stage can be started. In the double blind peer review process, a field editor can be assigned as managing editor, or the editor can manage the process himself. In the reviewer evaluation process, at least the two reviewers are assigned to receive their opinions. Information such as authors names or institutions of authors is not shared with these reviewer. The opinions of the reviewers is purely to help the editor decide. The opinion of the reviewers does not ensure that the manuscript is published or not. The managing editor may take the opinion of more than two reviewers if he considers it necessary. In accordance with the opinions of the reviewers, the managing editor may accept the paper, request revision or reject it. Accepted studies are reviewed by the language editors to determine whether proofreading is required. If proofreading is not required, the manuscript is sent directly to the content editor to start the publishing phase. If proofreading is required, the author provides proofreading and manuscript is then sent to the content editor.

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