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Founded: 2018
Publisher: Sabit DOKUYAN
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  • J. Univ. Hist. Stud. is an international, peer-reviewed, scientific journal published in two issues a year, in June and December. The journal evaluates scientific studies written in Turkish and English. However, articles using archives from abroad and submitted in English will be prioritised for publication after successfully passing the reviewer process.
  • June volume deadline for submission is May 1, December is November 1. (from 2023). If the number of articles is sufficient for the issue to be published, the journal may be closed for article acceptance at an earlier date.
  • In the journal, in the field of History and Archaeology studies are published. The DOI number is assigned to all the articles published in the Journal.
  • Please review our Writing Rules and Ethical Principles and Publication Policy pages before uploading your publications.
  • Essays which are sent to the journal will be taken under review after scanning similarity analyse. Similarity rate can be %20 maximum(excluding references). (from 2021). 
  • If the article requires an ethics committee permit (see the relevant page), this document should be loaded by naming it as ethical report. Additional File should be uploaded from the "Upload section".
  • At most one study of a writer can be published in the same year. (from 2021). In order to maintain publication quality, JUHIS publishes a limited number of articles. To provide author diversity in the journal and to be listed in prestigious indexes, the journal will accept submissions from authors within the framework of the following rules;
    1. Authors who have /will have 2 articles in JUHIS will not be evaluated for at least 2 issues after their last publication.
    2. Authors who have /will have 3 articles in JUHIS will not be evaluated for at least 3 issues after their last publication.
    3. Authors who have /will have 4 articles in JUHIS will not be evaluated for at least 4 issues after their last publication.
  • In publications derived from master’s thesis; Articles produced from ongoing or completed graduate studies are not accepted in the evaluation process. If the article is a study produced from doctoral thesis, its full description should be written revelant field in the copyright form.(From 2023).
  • JUHIS is equidistant from all authors. Please do not request privileges for the publication of any work. No guarantee is given regarding the publication or publication date of any article. Do not offer your work to be evaluated with a request for acceptance letter. These conditions also apply to members of the editorial board.
  • J. Univ. Hist. Stud. will no more accept the articles that were written after being presented in oral and/or written form at symposiums and congresses. Articles to be written in this way can only be published in pre-announced special issues. (from 2023)
  • At least three reviewers are assigned for article evaluation.
  • JUHIS continues its publishing life with the voluntary support of our reviewers and free of charge. It is expected that the field experts who are sent a reviewer request will fulfill this role as much as possible. For this reason, if they do not fulfill the role of reviewer without any reason, firstly, the relevant field experts will not be invited to be a reviewer again for a year and the papers they will send during the same period will not be evaluated. If they refuse to be a reviewer for the second time, they will not be invited to be a reviewer again and their work will definitely not be reviewed.
  • Extended Abstract: The editorial board of our journal has decided to publish all articles with an Extended Abstract in English since 2024.
  • We recommend you to join our social media accounts to follow the news related to the journal.
  • You can contribute to the improvement of the journal by citing the articles published in our journal.

Journal Statistics

Evaluated Articles: 175

Published Articles: 97

Article Acceptance Ratio(2022): %47

Closing Date for Article Submission: November 1, 2023

Research Article

‘Bulgar Dehşetleri’ Kitapçığı Üzerinden William E.Gladstone’un Osmanlı Politikaları Üzerine Bir Analiz

Call for Papers

Call for Papers for December 2023: Precious historians and researchers; We look forward to your work for the December issue. The deadline for submission is November 1, 2023. 

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