Evaluation Process and Peer-Review Policy

Evaluation Process and Peer-Review Policy

Kafkas University Journal of Economics and Administrative Sciences has  six (6) stage of review process:

Articles submitted to the journal through Dergi Park system are primarily reviewed by the Assistant Editors. In this general review stage, the assistant editor primarily controls the compliance of the study with the publication field and the ethics / principles of the journal and full application of the journal writing rules and the adequacy of the study within the journal publication standards are examined in the general review.


Following the general review, the appropriate field editor is assigned for the article. With the detailed examination of the field editor, it is determined whether the study is qualified to go to the referee and accordingly the evaluation stage is initiated.


The articles evaluated by the Field Editor shall be taken to the referee evaluation stage and the study shall be sent to two expert referees in the field. The opinions of the assistant editors and field editors are taken into consideration when determining the referees. If one of the reports indicates the article is not sufficient for publication or conflicts with the other referee's report, the third referee's opinion is sought. The studies which are not found suitable for publication by two referees are rejected.


The studies requested for corrections in the referee reports shall be submitted to the same referees for review after they are reviewed by their authors. The work will be rejected by the referees if it is still not found sufficient by the referees.


In case the study passes the referee evaluation process with the approval of two referees, the article will be sent to the Journal Editorial Board for final publication decision. Positive referee reports are not binding for the Editorial Board while are taken into consideration primarily in decision making. The Editorial Board gives the final decision on publication.


Studies deemed appropriate for publication by the Editorial Board shall be forwarded to the relevant Editorial Board for final review, correction and publication. In the editorial board review, an English language expert is consulted for the abstract parts of the articles. Articles written in English go through the English Editor review at this stage.