Peer Review Policy

  • The Journal of Clinical Psychology Research (JCPR) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal. All manuscripts submitted to the Journal are first reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief. Approximately 40% of the reviewed manuscripts are rejected without proceeding to a further peer-review evaluation, as they are considered not to be related to the scope of the journal or do not have the quality to be published. For all other manuscripts, an Editor (or Associate Editor) is assigned from the Editorial Board according to their subject. Manuscripts decided to proceed to peer review are sent to at least two reviewers.
  • This journal follows a DOUBLE-BLIND procedure. That is, the author(s) of the manuscript do not know to which reviewers the manuscript is sent, and the reviewers assigned to the manuscript do not know which author(s) the manuscript belongs to. The authors, therefore, are requested not to share any self-identifying information or citations in the text (please make sure you remove personal information on your Word document and upload the title page as a separate file to the Additional Files section.
  • The Editor assigned to the manuscript decides to accept, reject or revise it based on the suggestions or comments from the reviewers. Please note that a decision of revision does not imply or guarantee that the revised manuscript will be accepted. Revised articles are reviewed by the Editor (if necessary, they will be forwarded to the Reviewers again) and a decision of acceptance, rejection, or re-revision is made.
  • In this journal, the average time from submission to first decision is 50 days and the average time from submission to acceptance is 120 days.