Aim & Scope

To publish articles covering current scientific studies, technology developments, master's and doctoral studies in the fields of Science and Engineering. To bring researchers together with current scientific developments.

Institute of Natural and Applied Science Journal (INASJ)

e-ISSN: 2587-2389


1. Original researches, short notes and reviews written in Turkish or English are published in our journal.

2. Our journal is published twice a year in the fields of science, engineering and natural sciences. All articles are evaluated by competent editors and referees. The final decision about the article is made by the editors.

3. In our journal, publications such as technical notes, letters to the editor, discussions, case presentations and compilations are not included.

4. The articles sent for publication should be prepared according to the journal writing rules.

5. The names of the referees who evaluated the articles are not notified to the authors.

6. The articles sent to the referees are expected to be evaluated within 21 days. If this period is exceeded, the editors can appoint a new referee and withdraw the request from the old referee.

7. After the "resubmit for evaluation" or "correction required" decision made about the article, the necessary changes must be made by the author within 14 days for the "resubmit for evaluation" decision, and within 7 days for the "correction needed" decision. Otherwise, the article will be rejected.

8. The works requested to be published must not have been published anywhere or sent to any journal for publication.

9. In the same issue of the journal, maximum two articles of an author are published as the first name.

10. All responsibility of the works belongs to the authors. The works should be prepared in accordance with the principles of scientific ethics, and if necessary, a copy of the Ethics Committee Report should be attached.

11. All articles submitted for publication will be scanned with the iThenticate program and a similarity report will be created for each article, before being submitted for editorial approval as of September 1, 2017. After the similarity report is checked by the journal editors, corrections will be requested from the author for the articles with a result above 23%, excluding references. If the necessary correction is not made within 10 days, the article will be rejected.

12. Copyright Transfer Agreement must be signed and sent by all authors along with the works sent to the journal for publication.

13. The works that are requested to be published in the journal should be sent to the journal's address with the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement.