Aim & Scope

Lokum Journal of Art and Design (LOKUM) is an open access peer-reviewed academic journal electronically published by Safranbolu Fethi Toker Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, which publishes scientific research based on theory, research and practice, revealing contemporary approaches in the field of art and design. The journal aims to contribute to the relevant researchers and institutions in the field of art and design in theory and practice, to publish articles that are prepared within the framework of the principle of impartiality, adhere to the principles of science ethics and solution-oriented, focus on new trends and developments, and discuss the current and future.

Within the scope of publication of Lokum Journal of Art and Design:
* Field of Arts (Traditional Turkish Arts, Music, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Cinema, Design, Movable Cultural Heritage / Artworks Restoration and Conservation) and subjects related to the education of these fields of arts are included.

Period Months
February August

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