The Journal of Academy of Management accepts the theoretical and practical scientific/original   articles on "management", especially on public administration and business administration. Within this scope, it is a refereed journal which publishes the national and international academic studies related with management in the branches of science such as,

·         Management Sciences

·         Local Administrations

·         Rural Management

·         Mountainside Management

·         Management of Specially Protected Areas

·         Environmental Politics and Management

·         Urban Politics

·         Disaster Management

·         Administrative Law

·         Public Personnel Management

·         Human Resources Management

·         Business Management

·         Management and Organization

·         Process Management

·         Office Management

·         Protocol Management

·         History of Management

·         Political Geography

·         Energy Management

·         Tourism Management

·         Health Management

·         Educational Management

·         Financial Management

·         Economy Management

·         International Relations

·         Public Policy etc.


It is aimed to contribute to the literature and practice by establishing a multidisciplinary workspace with the journal.


The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English. The Academy of Management is published tri-annually. (April - August - December) All the processes from the application process to the publication process are carried out through the DergiPark system. Publication requests to the system are subjected to preliminary consideration in terms of compliance with the content and spelling rules. The works having passed the preliminary consideration done by the editors is evaluated by at least two referees who are selected according to the blind referee system. According to the referee reports, "acceptance", "conditional acceptance", or "rejection" decision shall be given. In the case that the referee reports are different, the process will be finalized by going to a third referee evaluation. The article evaluation process is limited to 2-3 months (in total).

The articles submitted to our journal are supposed not to have been published in any physical or electronic environment before. In the event that it is identified that a publication has been sent to more than one journal at the same time, all article evaluations of the relevant author/authors will be cancelled, and the process will be terminated. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that the works, which have been sent to any other scientific/actual journal and not been completed, should not be loaded into the system.

The author and institutional information of the articles submitted to our journal are kept private throughout the process. The information about the judges evaluated which article is also in the scope of the privacy policy. The data, information, documents, statements, and evaluations that authors present are at their own responsibility. The publication, referee, science and evaluation committee and other employees can not be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause. It is accepted that along with the loading their articles to the system, all the authors know all legal and ethical rules and declares and undertakes that they have generated their publications in accordance with these rules.


The Academy of Management is a free-to-air refereed magazine. The writers don't charge a fee for publication of their works. There is also no payment for authors and refereesOur journal includes research articles.