ISSN: 2636-8048
Founded: 2018
Period: Tri-annual
Publisher: Mehmet MECEK
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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT ACADEMY (is a Peer-Reviewed Journal that) accepts the theoretical and practical scientific/original   articles on "management", especially on public administration and business administration. It is aimed to contribute to the literature and practice by establishing a multidisciplinary workspace with the journal. The publication language of the journal is Turkish and English. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT ACADEMY is published three times a year (April - August - December). All the processes from the application process to the publication process are carried out through the DergiPark system.The writers don't charge a fee for publication of their works. There is also no payment for authors and referees. ISSN Number: 2636-8048

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2022 - Volume: 5 Issue: 1

Research Article

3. Turizm Coğrafyası Perspektifinden Mindanao Adasının Kuzey Turizm Bölgeleri

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