Aim & Scope

The journal aims to present to the scientific community the studies that fulfill the high level of originality and scientific criteria, which will provide a solution to the issues regarding global scale of education.

Journal of Educational Sciences offers scientific studies on educational sciences and education in different fields.

Studies should be prepared in accordance with the guide lines on our website. The studies submitted to our journal are firstly handled carefully by the editor in terms of purpose, subject matter, content, presentation style and compliance with the writing rules. In the second stage, the studies submitted to our journal are evaluated by the field editor.


Reasons for Rejection


Descriptive studies;

The journal is subject to the principle decisions taken during the new publication period including review studies dominated by the descriptive direction are not accepted for publication. 


Studies for group differences;

Due to the principle decisions that our journal received during the new publication period, studies based only on the groups differences statistics are not considered for publication.


Qualitative studies;

Lack of the design of the qualitative study and its reasoning, sampling technique of study group, the validity and reliability of the research process that is not adequately provided and the data that are not sufficiently analyzed in depth is shown as the reason for rejection.


Updated data;

The period of collection of the data used in the study exceeded five years and the loss of the update is accepted as the reason why the study was not published.


Experimental studies;

The fact that experimental data are not supported qualitatively counts as a reason for not being under review process.