Author Guidelines



Journal of Educational Sciences is a peer-reviewed journal that accepts reviews, translated and original works that utilize qualitative, quantitative or mixed research methods which pertain to all sub-headings of the field of educational sciences. The publication of a manuscript in the journal  is dependent upon the completion of the following requirements: 

  • It is understood that submitted manuscripts have not been published previously and are not being submitted for publication elsewhere. 

  • The manuscripts should be original and should include contributions from all of the authors indicated. 

  • The manuscripts are expected to comply with the ethical principles 
  • For the conference papers that have been previously presented, as long as the manuscript is not wholly published in a conference booklet (the abstract may be published in the booklet), the following statement must be included in the footnote at the end of the page: The first version of the manuscript is presented at.....’

General Guidelines 

  • The publication languages are English and Turkish.
  • The manuscript should follow the writing guide of APA 6 and if in written Turkish, the writing  rules of Turkish Language Association. 
  • The Manuscripts should not exceed 6000 words including tables, figures and works cited. 

  • The manuscript must include abstracts written in Turkish and in English, key words (4-5 words at the end of abstract), introduction, methodology, findings and, references.
  • Main manuscript document should not include author information.
  • The author information document must be submitted seperately and must include first names and surnames of the authors, relevant phone numbers, affiliated institution, academic titles (if applicable) and email address. The lead author must be specified in the manuscript. All co-authors must agree that the lead author assumes sole responsibility for the manuscript on behalf of all of the co-authors as the lead author reserves the right to decide on matters regarding the manuscript. 
  • The lenght of abstracts must be between 150 to 200 words and must include the statement of the research problem, aims of the study, methodology, main findings and conclusion. 

  • The introduction page of the manuscript must clearly state the aims and problem of the study. 

  • The methodology section start with statement of the research model. The subheadings must include sample, data collection instruments and data analysis.

  • The statements in the manuscript must be clear. Furthermore, the manuscripts written in Turkish must include Turkish equivalents of given concepts. 
  • Translated Turkish words that will be used for the first time in the field of education should be accompanied by the given words in the original language. 

Tables, Figures and Appendix 

  • The figures must be placed within the text. Separate les to illustrate figures are not needed. 

  • Figures presented in the manuscript must be sufficiently clear. 

  • The headings of the tables and figures must follow the guidelines that are presented under ‘general formatting guidelines’ 

  • Appendix must be presented on a separate page after the references section. 

Manuscript Submission 

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically via the following web site: (