Year 2016, Volume 12 , Issue 2, Pages 0 - 0 2016-08-29

Definition of a Learning Object from Perspectives of In-Service Teachers (Case of Duzce Province)

Kürşat ARSLAN [1] , Soner YILDIRIM [2]

Learning objects, as a relatively new technological concept, have drawn much attention from educators because these dijital resources are easily accessible, relatively easy to use due to their limited size and focus, interactive, and adaptable to many different educational contexts. Despite the fact that learning objects have the great potential to improve teaching and learning experiences by providing teachers reusable learning materials and reducing costs, the lack of a “working and clear” definition of these materials has restricted their effective and efficient use. This study aimed to explore elementary school teacher perceptions of their use of learning objects from a qualitative research paradigm in order to reveal the extent to which teachers understand concept of learning object and its instruction approach. The method of the study was based on descriptive phenomenology. Data were collected using multiple methods, including the semi-structured interview, field observation reports, and photos from nine in-service elementary school teachers from different departments in Duzce, Turkey. Methods of data analysis were based on Giorgi’s method of descriptive phenomenology including four stages of content analysis: data coding, developing themes, organizing code and themes, describing findings. Overall findings of the study indicate that teachers use learning objects in their lesson activities without explicit recognition; however they generally fail to understand the exact meaning of a learning object approach and its applications in the classroom. Participants understood different properties of learning objects. Almost all participants perceive objectivity as the most important characteristic of the learning object.  In addition, a majority of the teachers recognized the value of a learning object’s reusability. In-service teachers’ vague perceptions of the definition and usage of learning objects indicated that they used these materials without clear directions and explanations on what a learning object is, and how these materials can be used in an efficient way. Implications for teacher education and development of curriculum materials related to reusable learning objects were discussed.  

Keywords: Learning objects, teacher education, elementary school teachers

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Author: Kürşat ARSLAN

Author: Soner YILDIRIM


Publication Date : August 29, 2016

APA ARSLAN, K , YILDIRIM, S . (2016). Definition of a Learning Object from Perspectives of In-Service Teachers (Case of Duzce Province). Mersin Üniversitesi Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi , 12 (2) , 0-0 . DOI: 10.17860/efd.85922