e-ISSN: 2822-2792
Founded: 2021
Publisher: Hayatboyu Öğrenim ve İletişim Derneği
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Muhakemat International Journal of Risale-i Nur Studies is an academic journal that aims to help the understanding and discussion of the Risale-i Nur corpus by examining and researching it from the perspective of different disciplines. In this direction, the journal aims to examine the philosophical, theological, and mystical issues presented in the Risale-i Nur corpus, as well as the theses put forward on a wide range of issues related to social, political, and individual life, in terms of their relationship with the tradition of Islamic thought and contemporary issues. Within the framework of these objectives, academic articles, original articles, short articles, documents, proceedings, translations and book / thesis introductions are included. Its publication policy is based on nationally and internationally recognised academic standards.
Muhakemat Journal includes original articles, researches, book introductions, reviews and translations covering Philosophy-Religious Sciences, Basic Islamic Sciences, Social and Human Sciences and all related disciplines in line with Risale-i Nur researches. Field editors system is applied in the journal. The articles sent to the journal for publication are subjected to a double-blind refereeing system. The language of the articles is Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, English and Muhakemat Journal is published once a year in December. 

Muhakemat International Journal of Risale-i Nur Studies is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY NC).