The aim of the Journal of Medieval Studies is to be among the priority journals that are published in regular intervals and preferred in the field of Medieval History, in accordance with scientific norms and scientific ethics, by rigorously evaluating qualified and original studies in the field of Medieval History.


Our journal covers all events that shape history by affecting the Eastern World and the Western World politically, socially, economically and culturally within a long period of time such as the Middle Ages.

The Journal of Medieval Studies aims to contribute to the publication of academic studies that can reveal the political, social, economic and cultural development in the Eastern and Western world in the Middle Ages, which is a very important transition period of history.

Within this framework, the journal can adopt the publication of some issues as publication topics.

Articles published in this framework are based entirely on scientific research.

There are at least one resource analysis in each issue, book promotions and translations (with the approval of the authors).

The journal carries an electronic feature and every copy is made accessible to the internet.

The journal, which does not have an organic connection with any institution and organization, publishes articles of all researchers interested in the history of the Middle Ages, with the scientific and legal responsibility of the opinions in the published studies.