Editorial Policy

1. Journal of Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is a peer-reviewed and periodical journal published three times-- in the months of April, August and December-- in a year. The journal includes theoretical and applied studies, book reviews, translations, and conversations in the fields of economics, management, finance, public administration and international relations, and in the field of economics and administrative sciences. The academic studies from other fields of social sciences are not included in the journal. The language of publication of the journal is Turkish, but the studies penned in English can also be included when required. 

2.  The articles sent to the journal are subjected to the preliminary examination as to form and content at first. Form requirements and submission process must be carried out in accordance with the conditions of the Journal. The works that do not comply with these are subject to editorial refusal. The articles found acceptable in terms of form and content are presented to the editorial board to appoint referees. No guarantee is given for an article submitted to the journal to be taken into the referee process. In addition to this, the date for the evaluation process of the articles will not definitely be given. 

3. Articles submitted to the journal is sent to at least two reviewers specialized in the subject field of the article for evaluation. In case of that one of referee reports is positive, and a second referee is negative, the publication decision is made by the journal editors. If necessary, the editorial board can send the article to a third reviewer for evaluation.  

4. An author whose article published in the journal cannot make an application for publishing a new article in the same year. To publish the second article of the author, at least one year is necessary to be passed. 

5.  Articles submitted to the journal are not not included in the evaluation process of another journal at the same time; nowhere should it have been previously accepted or published. Responsibility for this matter belongs to the author(s) of the article.