Author Guidelines

Articles to be sent to Ordu University Journal of Science and Technology should be prepared on the "Article Template". You can download template files using the links below.

Title Page | Article Template

Title Page

The title page should be created as a single page and loaded separately from the article text. It should include the Turkish and English titles of the article, the authors' name and surname, address information, ORCID numbers, financial support, ethics committee, and conflict of interest statement. In addition, the corresponding author should be indicated on the title page. The titles of the authors should not be specified.

Article Text (
Except author's information)

A4 size paper should be used in portrait orientation. Margins (Normal) should be 2.5 cm on the right, left, bottom and top (4 sides) of the page.

The article should not exceed 6000 words, including the "References" section. The pages of the article and the lines on each page should be numbered. Paragraph indentation should not be used. Single-sentence paragraphs should not be used.
The font "Calibri" should be used throughout the article. The body of the article should be written in 11 font sizes, single line spacing, and justified on both sides. There should be 6 pt spaces before and after the paragraphs.
The article is composed of Turkish title, Turkish Abstract, Turkish Keywords, English Title, English Abstract, English Keywords, Introduction, Material and Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Suggestions (if any), Abbreviations and/or Symbols (if any), Support and Acknowledgments (if any)*, Author Contribution*, Ethics, Conflict of Interest*, ORCID*, References, and Appendices (if any) sections. 

* Support and Acknowledgments (if any), Author Contribution, Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and ORCID sections, as well as the headings and body text, should be written in 10 font size, single line spacing, and justified on both sides. Author Contribution, Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and ORCID sections must be included in the article.

Numbering should not be used in headings. Titles should be written with the first letter of each word capitalized, except for conjunctions. There should be a 10 nk paragraph space before the headings and a 6 pt paragraph space after them. The text should be written under the title.

Level 1 main headings: 12 pt, bold and centered (Introduction, Method, Results, etc.)
Level 2 headings: 11 pt, bold and left-aligned
Level 3 headings: 11 pt, bold, italic, and left-aligned
Level 4 headings: 11 pt, normal, italic, and left-aligned*
Level 5 headings: 11 pt, normal, italic, left-aligned, and indented*
* The use of Level 4 and Level 5 titles should be avoided as much as possible.

Article Title

It should be short and inclusive, not exceeding 15 (fifteen) words. Except for conjunctions, the first letters of the words should be capitalized, and the other letters should be written in lowercase, 14 pt, centered and bold. The English title should be written in the same format and above the English abstract. Abbreviations should not be used in the title of the article.

Turkish and English “Abstract” should not exceed 200 words. The summary section should summarize the purpose, method, findings, and results of the study. It should be written as a single paragraph. It should be written justified on both sides. Headings and body text should be written in "Calibri" font, 10 font sizes, single line spacing. “Abstract” and “Abstract” titles should be written in bold and centered above the abstract text. In which language the article is written, the abstract in that language should be given first.


A minimum of 3, a maximum of 5 keywords should be written under one line of the abstract, which are directly related to the content of the study and will facilitate indexing. It should be written in 10 point size, justified to the left. Keywords should be written in lower case and separated by “,” (comma). The heading “Keywords:” should be written in 10 font sizes, bold, and left-aligned.