Instructions to Authors

Osmangazi Journal Of Medicine is the official publication of the Osmangazi University Medical Faculty. It is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that publishes clinical and experimental studies, case reports, reviews, letters to the editor and clinical news in the field of medicine. The journal is printed three times a year, in January, May and September. The language of the journal is English. Articles will not be accepted for evaluation if they have been published or if they are considered for publication elsewhere.

Manuscript writing rules should be arranged according to VANCOUVER style. You can access the related rules by clicking here.

The submitted manuscript is first accepted or rejected by the editorial board. Accepted manuscripts are evaluated by at least two reviewers according to the double-blind, independent and unbiased peer-review principles determined by the editorial board. The final decision is made by the Editorial Board. The review process of the journal in the Editorial Board consists of 10 steps:


• Technical review by the editorial secretary (control of similarities),

• Review by editor-in-chief: [evaluation of rejection or promotion of manuscript],

• Review by the Section Editor,

• Evaluation in the weekly Editorial Board Meeting [evaluation of rejection or promotion of manuscript]
• Review by two or more reviewers
• Evaluation by the Section Editor,

• Evaluation [reject or accept] at the Weekly Editorial Board Meeting,

• Draft writing
• DOI number assignment and
• Publishing process

The manuscripts must be submitted with a letter of application and must be signed by all authors at the end of this letter. The responsibility of the manuscripts belongs to the authors. All authors should participate in the publication with a collective signature that states their scientific contributions and responsibilities and that there is no conflict of interest. The authors should acknowledge and provide information on grants or other financial interests or affiliations with institutions, organizations, or companies relevant to the manuscript. If the article is accepted, all printing, publishing and distribution rights (copyright) will be transferred to Osmangazi Journal Of Medicine.


An approval of research protocols by an ethics committee is required for experimental, clinical and drug researches submitted for publication in Osmangazi Journal Of Medicine.

General format

Research articles should not exceed 3000 words (4000 for reviews and 1600 for case reports).

The manuscripts should be typed with a spacing of 1.5 lines spaced about 3 centimeters on both sides of the page in accordance with A4 paper and 12-point type Times New Roman font.

Research articles should be structured with title page, Author(s), Turkish/English abstract, Key words, Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion, Acknowledgments, References and Appendices.

Case reports should include Title page, Author(s), Turkish/English abstract, Key words, Introduction, Case report, Discussion and Conclusion, References and Appendices.

Letter to the Editor is written to convey the knowledge and experience of the person and unrelated to journal article published in the last year or not related to an article, should not exceed 1000 words. A letter can be signed by no more than 2 authors and can have no more than 10 references.

Title Page

The title of the paper should be written in Turkish and English, with the first letter being capital and the title should be one or two lines.

The name and surname of the author(s), their titles, institutions and the institution where the study was conducted should be noted clearly in the below of the title. The postal address, telephone number and e-mail address of the corresponding author should be written. In addition, a short title in Turkish and English should be written to be used on the front side of the journal.

On a separate page following the title page, abstract should be at least 200 and at most 250 words for research articles and reviews and at least 100 and at most 150 words for case reports.  
Abstracts for research articles should contain Objective, Material and Methods, Results and Conclusion. English abstract should be written in the same style following the Turkish abstract.

At least four keywords should be given just below the Turkish and English abstracts.

Figures and Figure Legends

Figures and photographs should be submitted as separate files. The subtitles of the figures should be written on a separate file, the figure number must be declared and the figure numbers must be clearly indicated in the text. Magnification ratio and dyeing technique should be explained in microscopic images. The minimum resolution of images, figures, graphics and tables should be 300 DPI. The author must obtain permission from the copyright owners and organizations for the images, figures, graphics and tables taken from another source and indicate it in manuscript. No special names of drugs or instruments can be used in the article. 


Vertical lines should not be used in tables and horizontal lines can only be used after the first line and the last line of the table if it is necessary. All tables should be referred to within the main text and they should be numbered consecutively in the order they are referred to within the main text. A descriptive title should be provided for all tables and the titles should be placed above the tables.


References should be numbered in the order they appear in the text. Journal abbreviations should conform to the style used in the Index Medicus. References should be arranged according to VANCOUVER style. You can access the related rules by clicking here.


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