Aim & Scope


Pamukkale Journal of Sport Sciences (PJSS) is an open-access, interdisciplinary journal that presents the latest research in the field of sport sciences, operating as the official research journal of Pamukkale University Faculty of Sport Sciences.
PJSS aims to support scientific research and increase knowledge in a wide range of sport sciences subfields such as leisure & sport management, physical activity, health & exercise, social & behavioral sciences, sports performance and teacher education & sport pedagogy. Our aim is to explore different aspects of sport, make significant contributions in these areas and provide valuable resources to our academic community.


The scope of our journal expands under the following main topics:

Leisure & Sport Management:
- Innovative leisure studies in social, psychological, cultural, political, environmental and health dimensions at individual, group, community, and societal levels.
- Studies that highlight theory, methodology, methods and advance the understanding of leisure receive.
- Studies examining related concepts such as parks and urban spaces, recreation and events, environmental participation, and well-being.
- Studies of organizational theories, behaviors, and strategies in relation to the management, governance, and consumption of sport.
- Studies on sport organization, marketing, and sport policies related to the management, governance, and consumption of sport.
- Studies on sports organization and marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship, advertising, and licensing.
- Innovative work in areas such as sports tourism, facility, and event management.

Physical Activity, Health & Exercise:
- Investigations examining the effects of physical activity and healthy living habits on general health.
- Investigations examining the effects of exercise on chronic diseases.
- Investigations examining the use of technology in exercise programs for health
- Investigations examining the effects of physical activity on quality of life and health in elderly individuals
- Investigations on injury prevention and rehabilitation strategies for athletes
- Investigations examining the effects of nutrition programs on health, and exercise performance
- Investigations examining the effects of exercise on metabolism.
- Investigations examining the effects of physical activities in different environments (altitude, temperature, etc.)
- Investigations examining how genetic factors influence individuals' exercise responses and how the use of genetic information can be integrated into exercise programs
- Investigations examining the developmental effects of physical activity in children
- Investigations examining the effects of physical activity and exercise programs in people with disabilities

Social & Behavioral Sciences:
- Investigations into sports psychology, athlete behavior, and mental aspects of sports performance.
- Inquiries into the societal impact of sports, encompassing positive and negative influences.
- Studies addressing the sociology of sports, including cultural, gender, and racial dynamics.
- Exploration of sports ethics, sportsmanship, and moral dilemmas in sports.

Teacher Education & Sport Pedagogy:
- Studies addressing teaching, teacher education, and curriculum in physical education and health
- Investigations of educational policies and practices in school physical education
- Inquiries into the coaching pedagogy
- Exploration of interdisciplinary connections in physical education

Sports Performance:
- Investigations examining the various methods used to assess athlete performance
- Investigations examining both acute and chronic-term effects of training
- Investigations on the physiological adaptation of athletes to training
- Investigations examining how technology can optimize athlete performance
- Investigations examining the testing and development of athletes' physical performance
- Investigations examining the analysis of sport performance data
- Investigations examining the biomechanical aspects of sport movements
- Investigations on talent selection in sports

Our journal accepts original research, reviews and application-oriented studies within these areas. We aim to support studies in these different sub-disciplines in the sports sciences area and encourage knowledge sharing.

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