Evaluation Process

Pre-Evaluation Process
Editorial Board of Pamukkale Journal of Sport Sciences (PJSS), pre-review the manuscripts sent for evaluation and during this pre-review process:
Manuscripts submitted to the PJSS are first checked in accordance with the publication rules of the journal within 15 days by the secretary. The manuscripts that have deficiencies in terms of format are sent back to the corresponding author and asked to make the necessary corrections. The author(s) are then required to revise and re-organize their manuscripts due in 15 days.
Manuscripts which are appropriate in terms of journal rules and format are checked for plagiarism at the next step. All manuscripts submitted to PJSS are screened for plagiarism by using iThenticate©. The similarity percentage for the complete manuscript must be less than 20%. PJSS will immediately reject papers leading to plagiarism or self-plagiarism. Manuscripts suitable for the journal format are sent to the editor.

Peer-Review Process
After reading the manuscript, the editor sends the appropriate manuscripts for the journal to the Section Editor. All the manuscripts are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers. During this evaluation, PJSS prefers to follow the “Double-Blind Review” which means both the reviewers and the authors cannot see their information on the manuscript file. Reviewers may ask revisions more than once. Authors have 60 days for resubmitting the revised version of their manuscript. After completing review process, final decision is given by the Editor-in-Chief by considering the comments of the reviewers and the section editors.
PJSS Section Editors will reject a manuscript before review if it is out of scope of the journal, improperly formatted, deemed to has poor methodology, very low impact on practice and/or poorly written. Additionally, upon any revision the manuscript can be rejected if experimental issues and impact are not adequately addressed to reviewers, section editor, or editor-in-chief's satisfaction. The formatting of the manuscript is of great importance and manuscripts will be rejected if not properly formatted. Peer review processes are estimated to be completed within three to six months.

Publication Process
The manuscripts accepted for publication are firstly checked by the language editor within 30 days. Later, the manuscripts with language corrections, the layout editor sends the final version of the manuscript to the authors within 30 days. The author sends the manuscript to the journal after making the final checks. The last-checked manuscript in the journal is published as online first.