For Reviewers

Our journal considers the reviewing process as a crucial step to ensure the quality and reliability of scientific contributions. Therefore, we expect experienced and knowledgeable academics to help us maintain high scientific standards and provide dependable content to our readers. Your attention to detail and commitment to the reviewing process will play a vital role in enhancing the quality of our journal. Each evaluation you provide will assist the authors in producing more qualified content that meets scientific standards. As such, we kindly request our reviewers to complete their article evaluations within four weeks. This timeline will help us maintain a fast and efficient review process, ensuring timely publication of high-quality content.

When reviewing the manuscript, we kindly request that you assess it in a separate Word file, taking into account the line numbers and paying attention to the following criteria. While evaluating, please ensure that the manuscript adheres to ethical standards (such as appropriate ethical rules for research on humans or animals) and that the data used in the research are transparently presented.

Please consider the following points while evaluating the manuscript:

✓ Is the purpose of the study stated clearly with adequate background information?

✓ Is the study design appropriate?

✓ Are the data analyses appropriate?

✓ Are the figures and tables necessary and adequate?

✓ Is there any unnecessary duplication of results among the figures and tables?

✓ Are the conclusions justified by the results?

✓ Are the references satisfactory (Journal standard)?

✓ Is the scientific importance/impact sufficient?

✓ Is the originality/novelty of the manuscript sufficient?

✓ Are the methods/experiments adequate?

✓ Is the quality of the presentation of the results appropriate?

✓ Is the writing style, readability and organization appropriate?

✓ Is the language and grammar quality appropriate?


✓ Accept
✓ Minor revision
✓ Major revision
✓ Reject

Your participation in this comprehensive review process enables our journal to provide a more valuable service to the academic community. We sincerely thank you for your contributions and rigorous evaluations.

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