Aim & Scope

R&S-Research Studies Anatolia Journal; It is a social sciences journal that started its publication life in 2018, aiming to contribute to these fields by publishing scientific studies within the scope of publication. It claims to be one of the leading publications in the academic community with its permanence without sacrificing quality and trust. It wishes to have a structure that appeals to the national and international public, presents new ideas and expansions, can be a reference at all levels, from decision-makers and practitioners, and to become widespread.

R&S-Research Studies Anatolia Journal, Behavioral Sciences, Industrial Relations and Labor, Public Relations, Economics, Communications, Business Administration, Public Administration, Political Sciences, International Relations, Operations Research and Management Science, which is part of the National, Peer-reviewed, Social and Human Sciences. on the subjects; It is a journal that publishes scientific studies such as Conference Papers, Research Articles, Reviews, Translations, Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, Review Articles, Theoretical Articles, and Short Papers.

It will continue its publication life as an INTERNATIONAL journal as of January 2022 (Volume: 5 - Issue: 1).

R&S - Research Studies Anatolia Journal

Assist. Editor
Assist. Prof. Esra SİPAHİ DÖNGÜL- 0 534 852 09 53

Assist. Prof. Arif YILDIZ - 0 543 505 2344