Ethical Principles and Publication Policy


1. R&S (Research Studies Anatolia Journal) is a national, refereed, indexed e-journal and is published 4 issues (January, April, July, October) a year. Special or additional issues can be published when necessary.

2. R&S is a journal that publishes studies on Behavioral Sciences, Industrial Relations and Labor, Public Relations, Economics, Communication, Business, Public Administration, Political Sciences, International Relations, Operations Research and Management Science in the main field of Social and Human Sciences. Publishes only texts related to original scientific articles. In addition, congress and symposium papers can be published as article work, provided that the place, meeting and date of the presentation are recorded and not published elsewhere. However, the responsibility of any problem likely to arise from this publication activity belongs to the author.

3. The articles submitted to the R&S Journal should not have been published in any media before and when added to the system, another publication should not be in the publication evaluation process.

4. Adding any article to the R&S Journal electronic system is accepted as an application for the publication of the article and the evaluation process of the article begins.

5. All transactions, from the submission of the application to the publication of the article, are carried out electronically.

6. The printing and publication rights of the articles sent to R&S Journal for publication are transferred to the journal. These articles cannot be published, reproduced or used without reference to any other publication without the permission of the journal management. R&S Journal can publish the texts it has published in various media.

7. Although the publication language of the R&S Journal is Turkish, the articles in English are also evaluated and published if deemed appropriate by the referees.

R&S - Research Studies Anatolia Journal

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