Author Guidelines

    In the journal, tables, figures, titles, subtitles, abstracts, bibliography, and formally, APA 6.0 writing and bibliography rules apply. In addition, the article should not be more than 150 words (Turkish and English, the article should be written in the language of the first language). The title of the abstract should be placed as ”Abstract“ and ”Abstract“. For the article, 5 keywords should be placed in English (Keywords) 5, Keywords and Keywords should be written with a tab (1.25cm) inside and italic ( 4d53 / 3a73 / 0e3c / 572f7df1cee3c.pdf). On the first page of the scientific articles to be found in the journal and at the bottom, the sending and receiving dates and institutions and contact information of the study should be stated. Advertising and similar promotional tools should not be included in the article. In order to increase the recognition of the manuscript with the readability of the manuscript, it is obligatory to include international "ORCID" information after the main title and names of the study. Plagiarism reports (Turnitin or iThenticate) for the articles to be published in the journal must be sent via mail ( The plagiarism rate determined for the studies is 25%.