Tahkik Journal of Critical Editions of Islamic Manuscripts is an international, peer-reviewed and themed journal that will be launched semi-annually in 2018 in Turkish. The main theme is the preparation of a manuscript for publication in the manner of a critical edition. In other words, it is the projection of a work as penned by the author based on the single or multiple extant copies and editing it for publication. The theme also involves academic essays related to research, cataloging, libraries and literature review concerning manuscripts.

The aim of the Tahkik is the criticism, reinterpretation, and publication of the manuscripts integral to the scientific contribution over the history of Islamic sciences. The journal Critique prioritizes the texts produced in the scientific heritage of Istanbul and Anatolia.

The main research field of the Tahkik is the Islamic sciences. It incorporates the research and publication in divinity comprising main Islamic sciences, philosophy, theology, Islamic history and arts, as well as history and philosophy.

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