Copyright Policy

Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The author/s who send articles to Tourism and Recreation are deemed to have accepted the following:

* In order to be published for the purpose of articles, all resources in the manuscript uploaded to Tourism and Recreation through the DergiPark system were cited in line with scientific research methods and ethical principles.

* If the study belongs to more than one person, all authors in the study have an academic and scientific direct and joint contribution.

* This manuscript is an original manuscript of the author(s).

* All the authors saw the final version of the submitted manuscript and approved the results.

* The manuscript has not been sent to somewhere to be published in any way and / or accepted for publication and / or it has not been awaiting to be published in another journal. will not be sent to the process.

* There was no ethical violation regarding the subject (s) used in the study, and all the data collection methods were used according to scientific ethical principles. (Author(s) must obtain an ethics committee certificate for their articles that require ethical permission from their institution)

* All processes regarding the evaluation of the manuscript (referee reports, editor notes, etc.) will not be shared / shared with third parties.

* All kinds of publishing rights of articles accepted for publication belong to the institution that publishes the journal.

* Thoughts and suggestions in the articles are entirely the responsibility of the authors.

* If the study is an abstract presented earlier in a scientific meeting or a shorter version of this paper, this is stated in the article.

* The author(s) agrees and undertakes to transfer financial rights on this manuscript, in particular, to any public transmission rights, including processing, reproduction, representation, printing, publishing, distribution and transmission via the Internet, for unlimited use to the Tourism and Recreation.

* Regarding the manuscript, Tourism and Recreation and its committees do not have any responsibility for the claims to be requested by third parties due to copyright infringement, and all responsibility belongs to the author(s).

* Although there is no criminal or illegal statement in the publication, no illegal methods were used during the research, all legal permissions related to the study must be obtained and ethical rules must be followed.

* In all matters not mentioned above regarding the suitability of the study in terms of scientific research and publication ethics, the provisions of the “Higher Education Institution Scientific Research and Publication Ethics Directive” have been acted and in addition, principles published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) have been adopted as open access to ethical duties and responsibilities.

* Author/s are requested to fill in and upload the "copyright form" when uploading publications to the system.

The author (s) who have uploaded / submitted a study for the purpose of publishing to Tourism and Recreation, are considered to have read all the above-mentioned issues and undertake / accept them by their own will.

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