ISSN: 2667-7571
Founded: 2019
Publisher: Anatolian Agricultural Engineers Association
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International Anatolian Journal of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UAZİMDER - is an academic journal published 4 times a year (February, May, August, and November). Scanned in Google Scholar. Our journal accepts articles in Turkish, English, and Russian.

Applications for publications made in accordance with the titles below are accepted to our journal.

•Cattle Breeding and Breeding, •Biometrics and Genetics, •Zootechnics, •Soil-Water Conservation, •Soil Physics, •Soil Survey and Mapping, •Soil Ecology, •Soil Science, •Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility, •Medical and Aromatic Plants , •Cereals and Edible Grains, •Industrial Plants, •Meadow-Passage and Forage Crops, •Growing and Improvement of Field Crops, •Agricultural Structures, •Irrigation Systems, •Biosystem, •Agricultural Structures and Irrigation, •Agricultural Automation, •Agriculture Machinery, •Agricultural Mechanization, •Enzyme and Microbial Biotechnology, •Agricultural Biotechnology, •Agricultural Extension and Communication, •Agricultural Marketing, •Agricultural Policy, •Agricultural Management, •Rural Development, •Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, •Agricultural Economics, • Pesticides and Toxicology, Nematology, Herbology,  • Phytopathology, • Entomology, • Acarology, • Plant Protection, • Ornamental Plants Cultivation and Breeding, • Vegetable Cultivation and Breeding, • End of Harvest Technology and Physiology, • Horticultural Plants Cultivation and Breeding.