International Journal of Scholars in Education (IJSE) is non-profit, refereed, free, open access journal for scholars in education. IJSE is an international academic journal and its purpose is to provide a forum for original, theoretical, and research-oriented studies in education to improve the quality of research. IJSE encourages sharing of national and international academic research.

IJSE advocates for Open Access, which is a way of publishing research that enables it to be freely accessible to the public.

The journal publishes fully refereed papers that cover applied and theoretical approaches to the scholarship of education.

International Journal of Scholars in Education (IJSE) publishes the following:

  1. Reports of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method studies related to educational contex
  2. Multidisciplinary research including education as a main context
  3. Diverse perspectives on teaching and learning

A unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number is assigned for each IJSE article.

The manuscripts/papers can be submitted through Online Submission System